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Late Night Code Monkey Special: Listen to "Return of the Boom Bap" Mondays 1am-2am CST

Monday, October 13th, 2008

I don’t write to the blog often. When I am, it’s usually to show off megatrond on sourceforge, play up cool hardware upgrades (We just got new CD players – Tascam CD-O1U Pro ftw!) or archive old issues of Sample Magazine. Tonight, I’m just coding the night away and bobbing my head to “Return of the Boom Bap” hosted by our very own DJ Dapper Dan.

You all have to listen to this dope. ass. hip-hop show. You better ask somebody.

Tonight’s featured artists include:
The Roots
Handsome Boy Modeling School
Biz Markie
Young Zee
Top Quality
Da Ranjahz
Lordz of the Underground
Binary Star
De La Soul
D&D All Stars

Be sure to catch the show next week now that you know what kind of ill music this Dapper Dan plays!

Alas, you’d never have to worry about missing “Return of the Boom Bap” if our contracts let us stream archived shows…

Album Review: Various Artists, "Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples"

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Eccentric Soul is a series that digs up soul sounds and scenes that are unknown to all but the most intrepid crate diggers. This volume features the Young Disciples label, a late 60s/early 70s soul/funk label from East St. Louis. Some of the session players on the track (drums, bass) are just insane. Overall excellent, interesting compilation that blends Chicago soul, wacked out psychedelic soul and countrified Southern soul.

Play all, but esp.: 2, 3+++, 4+++(bongos!), 6++ (slow jam), 8++, 11+, 12++(vocals), 13++(break!),19(stomp), 20++, 21+++

Sub Pop Singles Club: September

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Everyone’s favorite Seattle institution, Sub Pop records, re-established their well known singles club to celebrate their 20 anniversary. For $75, 1500 lucky subscribers will receive a special 7inch 45rpm record every month for one year. I’ll review them all right here on the KWUR Blog.

My September 7-inch arrived late in the month. I was surprised to see the vinyl was “Jolly Rancher Sour Apple” green this time, instead of the beige color of the August OM single. This month, Sub Pop treated us to some of their own hometown punk with four (appropriately short) tracks by the Unnatural Helpers.

“Dirty Dumb & Comical”, “Connecting” b/w “Break That Horse”, “Easy Way”

I don’t know much about the Unnatural Helpers, but they are a self-described “punk band from Seattle, Washington.” I think that’s pretty much all you need to know.

They have a surprisingly clean yet Seattle heavy sound that can’t be described as anything but “punk”. No “Pop Punk,” “Post-Punk,” or “Hardcore,” — just simple short northwestern punk.

All songs clock in under two minutes, but it’s another strong effort. The opening “Dirty Dumb & Comical” is probably the best track with heavy riffs and drum fills, and minimal dryly delivered lyrics. The next two tracks (“Connecting” and “Break That Horse”) stick with this tried and true formula.

But, the closing track, “Easy Way,” is the divergent one here. The Helpers slow it down a bit and focus more on their heavy sound – a sound that gladly falls right in line with the celebrated Seattle underground.

And finally, it’s nice to see that Sub Pop has added a little emblem on the back above their logo. It simply reads: “Singles Club, Sep 2008, Edition of 1,500.” An appreciated move for all the record collectors out there.

I can only hope the October issue is on orange vinyl…


Livebloggin’ 6: The Final Countdown

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

9:15, Biden, warm bucket of piss: Interesting response, gently poking at the executive situation over the past eight years.

9:16, Palin, warm bucket of piss: Me and Ifill are doing telepathy right now…wow, she really doesn’t know what the VP does. Fuck, she hasn’t read the Constitution, it seems. I’m ready to call it now, EPIC FAIL!

9:17, Biden, warm bucket of piss: Wow, this is going to sting. Link her to Cheney. Damn, he hit hard.

9:20, Biden, sorry, got distracted: Wow, he does this common man stuff well, eloquent, even crying? Holy shit!

9:21, Palin, sry: Both sides of the legislature are trying to impeach her, too…I was in the “Maverick position” once, hell of a time getting out of it…see, both parties suck, so let’s vote for one of them

9:23, Biden, maverick: Iluvhim, I luvhim, I luvhim…Swift boat him! Take apart the maverick.

9:24, Biden, had to change one held view: Thought he was going to do Iraq on this one, surprising. Interesting, using the conservative meme of judicial activism against them.

Losing it, sorry, we’re getting geared up for spin alley, Giuliani (that’s mussolini, believe me, boo) is outside, and my Brooklynite blood is boiling.

9:27, Biden: Wow, he is quite eloquent and charming on this kind of thing. Too bad it’s absolute fluff.

9:28, Palin: Fired people of various political affiliations, too…Is it gonna be ok?…Tax-and-spendocrats, will that fly.

9:29, Palin, closing statements: Without the filter? This is without the filter?…Economic freedom is real popular right now, right?…the conservative “isn’t it great back then” really does not ring true.

9:30, Biden, closing statements: I wonder where he grew up, he never talks about it, you know?…”Work hard and play by the rules”, winning formula for Dems, at least it used to be.

Alright folks, tune in to the feed, we’re gonna try and get at these bigs, see you there!

Livebloggin’ 5: Fingers hurt so bad…

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

9:01, Biden, Afghanistan: Man, this debate is stalling, which means that Palin wins by default.

9:01, Biden, Intervention: Ifill is asking some nice questions. I’m so glad she’s moderating this debate…It’s Palin’s response to Bosnia I’m interested in…Biden’s excuse for voting for the war is lame, the same way it was when Clinton said it…Darfur! The kids like that.

9:03, Palin, Intervention: Aw shucks, y’all, I’m not a Washington insider, I don’t know nothing bout no ko-so-vo. C’mon, America, you have to be horrified by this, it’s Bush’s populist conservative “jus’ folks” bullshit taken to a grotesque extreme. Does it seem as staged to you as it does to me? Does it sound as dumb to you as it does to me?

9:05, Biden, Intervention/Iraq: Does Biden look too much like a grumpy-puss?…It’s much harder for him to make “McCain’s got bad judgment” points than Barack Obama, since he’s tainted.

9:06, Palin, Iraq: She gets really thrown off when Biden gets tough on foreign policy.

9:07, Biden, Succession: “The worst outcome imaginable. But if it did…” lolz….Capture and kill! BLOODLUST, YEAH!…he really gets on a roll

9:09, Palin, Succession: “What do you expect!” this perkiness is surreal, “Maverick!” is not the answer they want here, you must be reading from the wrong sheet…I really hope this conservative ideology, with the fucking economy melting down, doesn’t hold water. Government, please help, no?

9:10, Biden, Succession: He doesn’t seem silly when he does the populist line, although there’s a little bit of “my father was a balllicker there”

9:11, Palin, Succession: Wow! “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” Shout-out?!? This woman is unhinged. Also, gaffe? Joe’s wife already has a reward in heaven.

9:13, Ifill: “Everybody gets extra credit tonight.” Marry me.

9:13, Palin, warm bucket of piss: Cute exchange…what in God’s name is she talking about with VP exerting more power in the Senate “if she so chose”? Has she been talking to Cheney?…Did I mention my baby has Down Syndrome? I think she’s really falling apart here.