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Oink shut down

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

In a major victory for the record industry, Oink has been shut down. Is Oink really just one of the killers of the record industry, or does it help at all? Discuss.

WTF Bobby?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

After Bob Dylan put out this ad for Victoria’s Secret, I defended him tooth and nail. Schilling for lingerie worked for him in his present day character as a seedy old man, with his haunting “Love Sick” off 1997’s Time Out of Mind. In fact, the only aging musician I think would be better for an ad for Vickie’s would be Tom Waits, but he’s vehemently opposed to his music appearing in advertisements.

However, this commercial he does for Cadillac is just pathetic. Just a bunch of tired images of an SUV driving through the desert, the only thing special is that Bobby is behind the wheel of the behemoth.

In other Dylan news, the myspace for the soundtrack to Todd Haim’s I’m Not There, his surrealistic tribute to Dylan coming out next month, has launched and features Dylan covers from the likes of Sufjan, Cat Power, My Morning Jacket, and Jeff Tweedy. The Sufjan bores me, but then again, that’s about all Sufjan does for me these days. The latter three are excellent, so I will definitely be picking up a copy of the soundtrack when it comes out on October 30th.

Charts – 10/22

Monday, October 22nd, 2007
2 OCTOPUS PROJECT Hello, Avalanche Peek-A-Boo
3 FIERY FURNACES Widow City Thrill Jockey
4 STARS In Our Bedroom After The War Arts And Crafts
5 ENON Grass Geysers… Carbon Clouds Touch And Go
6 LES SAVY FAV Let’s Stay Friends Frenchkiss
7 SEA WOLF Leaves In The River Dangerbird
8 BRIGHTON, MA Brighton, MA Loose Tooth
9 ATHLETE Beyond The Neighbourhood Astralwerks
11 JENS LEKMAN Night Falls Over Kortedala Secretly Canadian
12 MINUS THE BEAR Planet Of Ice Suicide Squeeze
13 ELECTRIC SIX I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master Metropolis
15 BRITISH SEA POWER Krankenhaus [EP] Rough Trade
16 FIGURINES When The Deer Wore Blue Control Group
17 DAVID DONDERO Simple Love Team Love
18 SHOUT OUT LOUDS Our Ill Wills Merge
19 JOSE GONZALEZ In Our Nature Mute
20 HOT HOT HEAT Happiness LTD Warner
21 WEAKERTHANS Reunion Tour Anti
22 MABUSES Mabused Magpie
23 SHOCKING PINKS Shocking Pinks
24 SHARON JONES AND THE DAP KINGS 100 Days 100 Nights Daptone
25 MUM Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy Fat Cat
26 YARROWS Plum Empyrean
27 VARIOUS ARTISTS Guilt By Association Engine Room
28 GOOD LIFE Help Wanted Nights Saddle Creek
29 CALVIN HARRIS I Created Disco Almost Gold
30 TWO GALLANTS Two Gallants Saddle Creek

Subversive Cinema: Disney Psychedelica

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Rarely would a Disney film be categorized as being “Subversive”, but as usual there are exceptions.

Case in point #1: Fantasia, 1940

Fantasia broke all the barriers. It not only challenged the visual potential (in Technicolor™!) of large scale animation motion pictures, but it heavily experimented with the possibilities of pairing classical music (in stereo!) with animation.

In fact, Disney sunk so much money into the project that it took 6 releases before the film turned a profit.

It is no coincidence that it was the 1969 re-release that finally made the film profitable. Since the film became popular among users of marijuana and LSD, Disney was able to re-brand Fantasia as a “Trip Film”. The campaign was successful, as the youth flocked to the theaters (high or not) to experience this masterpiece.

The film not only captured the psychedelic look 25 years before the popularization of LSD, but it also became the first music video (film).

There have been many edits to Fantasia because of racial stereotypes, sound/picture presentation, and length. The version that is closest to the original release version is the 60th Anniversary DVD released in 2000. Just don’t bug out during the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence.


WU: Not Sexy Enough for Man Man!

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Pardon my nostalgia, but after a conversation last night with Chris Ward of fellow Philly band Pattern is Movement, I just had to track down this article.

Saturday, 2/24, 11 p.m.

Man, do my arms hurt. We woke up at 8 this morning to shuffle equipment out of Shape Shoppe and into a van, drive several hours to a college show in St. Louis, and finally unload all this shit into what looks like a school cafeteria without the tables. This is but a day in a life of a band without a tour manager or roadies. I can only imagine what a two-month tour is like.

A sample of the things we moved to the tune of the sun-baked solo album from Animal Collective’s Panda Bear: a complete drum kit, numerous cases overstuffed with noisemakers and things to bang on, guitars, overnight bags, pillows, blankets, keyboard coffins, a milk crate for me to sit on, Christmas lights for ambience, and, finally, Kattner’s massive, might-as-well-be-a-grand-piano synthesizer, which elicited the comment, “This is why I always ask myself why I haven’t gone digital.”

All of it — the loss of breath, the profuse sweating despite it being 20 degrees outside, the “I-swear-I-didn’t-drop-that-synthesizer!” — was worth it. It always is, at least when it leads to a great show amid terrible sound and a sexless crowd. Which is exactly how tonight’s Washington University gig went despite the degree of smashing, shrieking, leaping and convulsing that went into fan favorites like “Zebra,” “English Bwudd” and “Push the Eagle’s Stomach” and such still-developing new songs as “Spooky Jookie,” “Top Drawer” and “Hurly Burly.” (The only new jam that fell flat was a bizarre, live drum and bass interlude called “El Azteca.” And that’s only because the thing sounds inhuman on record.)

There’s a so-horrible-it’s-awesome frat row scene unfolding before us now. Not one to avoid their (hundred or so) adoring fans, Kattner, Dufala, fellow multi-instrumentalist Russell Higbee (aka Alejandro “Cougar” Bord) and Kattner’s dad have decided to follow the flier handed to them by a few nervous college radio kids to an off-campus kegger.

In one corner: a stack of premium day-old bagels and a hookah pumping out sweet-smelling tobacco. (Apparently no one here felt like springing for pot; oh, wait, no, that’s happening in the back room, where “the trees are at,” according to one future Volkswagen driver.) In another: a giddy DJ spinning dated dance music on turntables and a laptop. Did I mention he’s also controlling a friggin’fog machine?

“This brings me back,” says Gary Kattner — think a slimmer, taller version of Ryan with a slight Texas drawl — as we raise plastic cups of nondescript beer. I smile and suck down foam but can’t help feeling like Bluto in Animal House.

Excerpted from: Stillborn Again: What to do when you’re stranded in Chicago for a week with Man Man