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Touch and Go’s 25th…

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

This year Chicago based indie label Touch and Go will be celebrating 25 years. While not as old as KWUR, this label has been around for a while for an alternative independent label. They are the real deal and KWUR has gladly been broadcasting their output since their birth.

To celebrate their age and liveliness they are having a 2.5 day music festival in Chicago from September 8th-10th. This isn’t just any music festival however: a bunch of awesome kick-ass bands from the past have agreed to reunite on this one-time special occasion. Bands that have long gone on “indefinite hiatus” (such as Big Black, Man or Astro-Man?, Scratch Acid, and, Girls Against Boys) will be at the event giving us all one last chance to check them out. I’m particularly excited about Man or Astro-Man? since a personal friend of the band once told me they would never play together again. This may be your last chance…make the short trip to Chicago in September.

Advance 3-day tickets can be bought for $35 bucks starting August 18.

Check out the lineup…