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I Gave into The Buddha Machine

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

So I finally did it. I bought a Buddha Machine.

If you haven’t heard yet the Buddha Machine is a hardware loop machine.

Basically FM3, an electronic group from China, programmed 9 of thier loops into a little handheld radio looking device (colors shipped randomly–awesome). You can select one of the 9 loops and play it through the attached lo-fi speaker or through the headphone jack. The droning loop will play continously until you turn the device off.

When I first heard of this thing and I figured it was just another hipster fad. After I read glowing reviews of the device time after time I went on ahead and threw down the $23 bucks this thing costed.

Apparently Alan Bishop bought twenty-four of these on sight and Brian Eno bought eight”. Add Klax to the list. It sounded like an interesting venture into mass produced experimental music. Plus there is nothing like having a take anywhere droning loop machine.

Full review to come when it arrives on Friday. Can’t wait to see what color I get.

A new KWUR backup (droning) auto-rotation possible…



Thursday, July 13th, 2006

From Mr. Jazzface…

“I just opened up my local newspaper and read about this weekend’s “CAVEFEST”, which is a festival held in a local saltpetre cave with country rock and “light metal” bands, including Facd Forward, Misfire, and Adam Tanas. Who is Adam Tanas? He is proudly a former member of the seminal Krokus! The festival also includes a bikini contest, which will probably be the best part of the weekend…”

That’s right folks, former member of Krokus. At KWUR we love Krokus. For those of you who are ignorant, check it out.

Thanks for the news Mr. Jazzface.

Note: I’ve never actually listened to Krokus, but I like the idea of Krokus.


Syd Barrett Is Dead

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

The best member of Pink Floyd is dead.
I hate when pitchforkmedia (of all places) delivers this news to me.

KWUR Welcomes Free Speech Radio News

Monday, July 10th, 2006

KWUR is now one of 94 stations world wide to broadcast Free Speech Radio News. We are the only station in Missouri that currently broadcasts it. You can check it out every weekday (Mon-Fri) here on KWUR at 6pm CST.

“Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) is an independent media organization that produces a 30-minute Monday-Friday radio newscast. With a network of over 200 freelance reporters around the world, FSRN serves over 100 radio stations and a growing cadre of Internet outlets. FSRN brings the world to the U.S. in first-hand reportage of every continent by independent reporters: coverage that CNN can only dream of. Our diversity of voices, in ethnicity, age and class, outstrips every other news organization and we’re proud to be a progressive daily news outlet for those without Internet access. “

[UPDATE: We will begin broadcasting FSRN once our Auto-Rotation program is updated. Should be pretty soon.]