A KWUR Highlight Moment at Murmuration: Flying Lotus

October 12th, 2016 by Admin

By Nick Machak

To say that Flying Lotus at Murmuration Fest was an out-of-body experience is an understatement. The concert began with a screen in front of the stage that presented his ‘You’re Dead’ tour visuals. All that was visible from Flying Lotus was his silhouette behind the fast-paced, enchanting animations depicting the afterlife. The animations began with the screen flashing, alternating between red and white, effectively making the screen a strobe light of sorts. Suddenly, “YOU’RE DEAD” text—in reference to his album released in 2014—appears. All the while, FlyLo is delivering head-pounding beats that got the crowd uncontrollably tripped out. The rest of the visuals were inter-weavings of various images which were the original work of Shintaro Kago, animated by Strangeloop.
The visuals were surreal and graphic, which accompanied by FlyLo’s production, were meant to take the viewer along a psychological journey through the afterlife. The “You’re Dead” text at the beginning of the visual display was a clear indication that every part of the concert after that point was meant to be experienced in the afterlife. A lot of the visuals were varied—ranging from very graphic, gory scenes to images that looked like neurons firing action potentials in the brain.
The setlist was mainly centered around songs from the You’re Dead album, covers, and Captain Murphy songs, which is his side project. Personally, I could have done without his cover of Travi$ Scott’s “Antidote” with Scott’s vocals extremely pitched up, but the rest of the set was amazing and very well-mixed. Other covers included Lunice’s “Can’t Wait To” and “Pass That S***” by DJ Rashad.

KWUR Week!

March 21st, 2016 by Hatmaster

It’s KWUR week everybody and it starts today!! One of the best times of the year! Honestly though come check out these events; it’s a great time to get exposed to different types of music! Free for anyone with a WUSTL ID. Here’s the schedule:


Ensemble Schumann

Where: Goldberg Formal Lounge (DUC)

When: 7:30PM

Those of you who are fans of Schumann come out! It’s happening TODAY


Soft Fangs//Horse Jumper of Love//Isaac

Where: Co-op (6021 Pershing Ave)

When: 8:00PM



Where: 560 Music Center

When: 8:00PM

$10 for public


Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

Where: The Gargoyle (6465 Forsyth Blvd)

When: 8:00PM

$30 for public


The Brainstems//HARDBODY//Hylidae//Maximum Effort

Where: The Gargoyle (6465 Forsyth Blvd)

When: 8:00PM

$5 for public

~~2016 HUSTLE WEEK!!!~~

February 23rd, 2016 by Hatmaster


(Make sure to specify "KWUR" under "Designation Options"!)

Next Week (Monday 2/22 through Saturday 2/26) is Hustle Week, KWUR’s annual fundraising drive!


We’re asking you to help by donating so that we can continue to provide the quality programming that you enjoy all day every day. KWUR is one of the last remaining independent and fully student managed stations in the country. Our freeform format allows students to Boldy Go Where No Station Has Gone Before and to Fully and Truly express themselves in ways they couldn&rsuo;t before. If you care about KWUR and enjoy the programming we provide everyday, please donate! Every dime helps, so tell everyone you know to fork over the dough.


To donate any amount to the station, you can call the station to pledge at (314) 935-5952. DJs will be manning the phones most hours during all night broadcast on the 25th-26th to take your pledges.You can also donate online easily and securely simply clicking the link above and specifying "KWUR" under "Designation Options" — email me at communityrelations@kwur.com to make your pledge and specify the gift you'd like in return!


Here are the gifts available in exchange for your donations this year:

$10: A special acrostic CD, personalized to your name

$25: KWUR T-shirt

$50: Limited Edition KWUR Sweatshirt

$100: We will name part of station after you for an entire year

$150: Custom station ID

$300: We will dedicate an entire day of programming of to you (you pick the date – your birthday??)

As part of the Hustle Week festivities, we will have our annual All Night Broadcast next Thursday, 2/25. Tune in between 8pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday to hear special programming throughout the evening from KWUR DJs. Support college radio!

Five Artists We’re Looking Forward To At Festival Nrmal 2016

February 22nd, 2016 by Hatmaster

This is a post contributed by our amazing ’15 alums!

1. Future Brown
Future Brown stands out as a kind of underground supergroup, counting among its members such luminaries as Fatima Al Qadiri, J-Cush, and Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda, aka Nguzunguzu. They draw together musical and aesthetic trends from regional scenes across the world and craft them into a surprisingly cohesive whole. Check out this track from their debut album.
Future Brown – “Vernáculo ft. Maluca”

2. Föllakzoid
Chilean trio Föllakzoid first became known for their expansive krautrock-influenced compositions with their 2013 debut II. Their recent album, III, inspired by the Andes Mountains and a childhood “trance experience,” fuses the classic Krautrock 4/4 motorik beat with traditional sounds in a daring series of monumental songs.
Föllakzoid – “Rio”

3. The Body
The Body is a long-standing fixture of the US sludge metal scene that, 17 years since their formation, continues to innovate and push boundaries. Their 2014 album, I Shall Die Here, built intricate rhythms and textures to convey a visceral sense of terror and dread. No One Deserves Happiness will be released March 18, 2016.
The Body – “Shelter is Illusory”

4.Los Pirañas
Bogotá based trio Los Pirañas playfully combine cumbia, lambada, and other traditional colombian rhythms their boisterous and joyful compositions. Describing their music as tropical noise, they use cowbells and other found instruments to create their multilayered sound.
Los Pirañas — “Monstruo Prometedor (Homenaje al Manzano)”

5. Jenny Hval
Jenny Hval’s complex albums — at once works of poetry, music, and theory — have earned her recognition around the world. On her most recent release, Apocalypse, Girl, Hval has coined a new name for her strange, surreal, and absurd performances: soft dick rock, or, using the elements of dick to create a softer, toned-down sound.
Jenny Hval – “Take Care of Yourself”

-Henry Osman and Abby Kerfoot

SAMPLE Fall 2015

December 15th, 2015 by Hatmaster

It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere (soon)!! ~~ Read the newest issue of the KWUR zine, Sample! Breathtakingly glorious, it was designed by our amazing Promotions Director Alex. Big thanks to all the contributors on KWUR as well!